Late Night Walks: the truth

Every night and just about every morning I have been walking with my sister or mom. Tonight my mom passed out early and I decided to give it a whirl on my own with my pup of course. It's a  little scary to walk around the block pregnant even with a dog that looks like the big bad wolf by your side but I wanted to take the risk.

Late night walks in the warm weather are quite different from walks in the winter when no one is out... ever and everything is so bright from the reflections off snow and ice. I actually love walking alone at night in the snow and ice. Warm weather is a bit scarier with all the crazy kids about. It's darker and the street lights glow a mean yellow. It's hard to see who is out there passing from shadow to shadow. It is exciting though... peeking into the well lit homes from tv's glowing and hearing conversations through open windows. You never know what you will see. 

Tonight's walk made me a little sad. The sweet smells of warm air and the greenery reminded me of being little running around the yard in the dark. The sky full of stars and the breeze reminded me  of riding around with my friends as a teen. Then passing the dark corner onto the street of my old apartment seeing it lit up with a new life happening inside made me feel like this is a new chapter and that one is over. I am not going to lie and say I don't miss it because I really do. I loved that place and for the most part loved my life there. What pulled me out of the sad feeling that came over me was my dog because he didn't head toward it like I thought he would. He turned around with his tail curled and headed back to my moms. I know he is sad too because when we got home he whined a bit and I had to set him up a comfy spot and love on him. I miss walking into my own place. I miss the freedom having things how I want and the quiet moments alone in my own place.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! I will be selling my goods at a car show in Berea this weekend so wish me luck! Also I just got the crib up and working hard on a painting which is almost finished for her room. Hopefully I can show you some sneak peeks next week!

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  1. I used to walk alone, when I was in college, and I remember sharing the same feeling: something about the warm weather makes it seem more possible that the crazies are lurking. Stay safe!


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