My Mini Escape

I recently made a very special terrarium for a very special lady who took the time to make baby Juniper 2 very cute hats and a blanket. I really want to wait to share these items with you when I can take pictures of her in the hats and wrapped in the blanket. They are too cute!!!! 

It's amazing how kind people are... people you don't even really know... when they see your bringing life into the world. It amazes me! It touches my heart and keeps me believing in the goodness of the world. How god must travel through people who secretly touch our hearts. It keeps me believing. All that from a sweet lady who took her time to do something special for someone she barely knows. 

So many good people have been flooding me with baby stuff. How could I ever worry about being without. It's awesome! I have really tried to find ways to thank each and every person but it can be a bit overwhelming so know that if you have sent me something I do appreciate it a bunch!

I put a bit of my soul into this terrarium. Planting very special findings inside from very meaningful trips during my pregnancy. I felt pretty connected with it when I finished... I wondered if I could let it go. One of the reasons I love taking pictures is because it keeps the memory and allows you to share it. So I am alright with letting this go... after all if that lovely lady hadn't given me those wonderful handmade gifts I would have never been inspired to create this beauty. 

Creating is my mini escape... what's yours?


  1. Ohhh I like so muuuch! I just saw the first pic and want one like yours!! My mini escape now is going for a walk...but yours is so much better ;)


    1. I love walks too and they are literally the best escape. thanks for sharing!


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