How I remember My Gram

It's been over a year now that my gram has been gone. Everyday I wonder I how I can even move on with my life but somehow I do. I think it's the little things that remind me of her that keep me going and claiming certain things that happen in my life as signs even if no one else sees them that way. One of the biggest signs that my gram still exists around me is my baby. I would sit here and list the things that make me think that but really I don't have too. I believe in my heart that she was given to me with the help of my gram.

I notice this past year I try to reminisce on things my gram did and things that remind me of her in hopes that I don't forget. I know I never will but I want to keep these things written somewhere so that I could emulate those things in my life and when my little one asks why I can tell her the grand story of my gram and keep her legacy going.

Here are those silly and meaningful things that make me think of my gram...

She always kept her closet packed full of little gifts from avon and such for when someone had a special occasion however most of the time those special occasions were weekends with her grandkids.

She always kept cards for every occasion stock piled and never went without making sure people received one for any occasion.

She always had a closet full of freshly washed linens that smelled of downy, we never laid in a dirty bed.

She always captured everything on her huge huge video camera and labeled the home videos carefully so that we knew what each tape included.

She always enjoyed a glass of vodka with oj before bed.

She always had to cook a meal from scratch and it had to include several dishes. It was never just a mac and cheese night it was a complete meal with dessert!

She always bought the little frozen cakes that you thaw out for birthdays that everyone forgot about.

She always talked about her days riding her horse and in particular one where she cooked a hamburger out in the wilderness on a piece of metal and pulled up wild onions to eat it with.

She always spent hours on the phone at night with family and friends to catch up on gossip.

Every Easter she would set up and easter egg hunt using the change my gramp had saved all year long and get us special grab bags full of silly prizes.

She always had piles of presents for each of her grandkids on christmas.

She always took in a stray animal.

She never ever said no or got mad at her grandkids.

She loved to travel but would never ever drive herself on the interstate.

She loved to shop all day.

She always played with us when we came over. She would have us designing menus for a fake cafe using our plastic food. She had us writing plays and designing costumes so she could video tape the performance.

My grandma made her life special, interesting and full of happiness. Shes the one person in my life that realized it's about enjoying life and what it has to offer not wishing it away. I miss her sooooo much I just hope that I can live life like she always did. Enjoying it and being happy about that.

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  1. What a sweet memorial to your gram! My grandpa died 9 years ago I still find evidence of him being around. I often try to channel him when I do my art, and also silly things like chopping wood. When I am afraid of things, I ask him to come be with me to give me strength. What a gift it is to have amazing people in our lives, and even when they are no longer in this physical world, they still find a way to be with us. <3 :)


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