Random Fact: National day of Encouragement

Random fact of the day... it's the National day of Encouragement. I know what your saying... how did I know this day even existed? Well I rolled out of bed this morning feeling down and out again. Thinking I was going to accomplish nothing I dragged myself downstairs and happened to look at my calendar which never happens. I was sad because I was looking at how many days had passed since the funeral and realized that today says National Encouragement Day. Odd. I must say since I was feeling very uninspired until I saw this.

So in honor of National Day of Encouragement I figured I would take some pictures of things that encourage me. Like my pup and this kitten that wondered into our apartment the week of my grandma's death.

I worked all day yesterday on "special festival" items that I will only be selling at festivals. Seeing it being accomplished encouraged me to keep going.

The way I set up my new studio space has made taking pictures of my process prettier which encourages me. The lighting is a lot better. I will be revealing my new improved studio once these festivals are over ;) Right now it is a absolute mess.

My collection of recycled materials and scraps is encouraging me to think of new ideas :)

Enjoying my new desk is encouraging me to work harder. By new desk I mean actually claiming a space in my apartment just for my computer.

I also planted some succulents for my desk and bedroom which encourages me to be happy.

PS... my sweet little sister bought me the stick coloring pencils. I have been wanting a set for months! She is definitely my biggest encouragement Love my Nick Knack

So what encourages you?


I encourage you all to post about what encourages you and link it below.
I encourage you to encourage 2 other people today.
I encourage you to make this day count.


  1. What encourages me the most is my family. They will always keep you going. Also knowing that there is a future ahead of us encourages me. Nature, animals, love, life, and art encourages me. I just believe that what encourages us is what we really love the most.


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